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Beishi Enterprise is a comprehensive group enterprise integrating Research and development, production and sales of pre-processing core technology. It has more than 100 core patent technologies for pre-treatment filter materials, device materials and application products, and is based on human water quality. The health, safety and comfort requirements and the water requirements of the wading equipment have developed a solution for the whole house quality pretreatment system of household hot and cold water equipment, and has become the material, research and development, product and production of more than 300 well-known brands in various industries around the world. The strategic partner of the service, with an annual production capacity of more than 3 million units, is the world's first choice for pretreatment technology and equipment.

The company has focused on pre-processing materials technology and equipment for 15 years. Through years of development, it has a number of national high-tech enterprises, business subsidiaries: industrial design (Bei Mi), pre-filter development and production base, injection molding Base, filter production, hardware processing base (Bishcom), floor heating and hot water intelligent filtration system (Bei Shi Runkang), whole house quality scale inhibition, purification, beauty, filtration pretreatment equipment Research and development and manufacturing base (Berui Kang), central-level net soft water Research and development and manufacturing base (Alpha, Sino-US joint venture), AI intelligent water leakage protection system manufacturing base (Shuizhidun), scale-reducing materials and application equipment production and research base (Beiyikang), marketing center, etc. Several independent subsidiaries and branches of the entire industry chain.

  1. Beishi Purification
  2. Tuoke Technology
  3. Beishi Environmental

Beishi Purification - Brisk Brand Operations Center

Create the first brand of high-end pre-filter!

Beishi Purification is the national operation center of Besikang brand. It is responsible for the marketing, channel development and maintenance, product training and after-sales service of the company. The company has a professional marketing service team, and its management staff has more than ten years of water purification. Market management experience, providing nanny-type water purification services for the majority of dealers, and multi-generation purification to invest hundreds of thousands of development integrated management software systems to achieve comprehensive scientific management of sales, channels, finance, procurement, promotion, installation, after-sales service, and free Authorized partners to use, to provide super value-added services, Besikang pre-filter has advanced gold cylinder pressure control, scale inhibitor master, water heater protector, hot water scale filter and other differentiated core product line, deeply Consumers love, the company has strict requirements and standards for price management and channel management, and protects the core interests of the majority of partners. At present, there are more than 500 brand counters and exhibition centers nationwide, with networks covering the whole country and established in several key cities. A marketing service center to achieve localized personal service, Brisk aims to become the most popular dealer and consumer Who respected the pre-filter brands;

Hangzhou Beishi Purification System Co., Ltd.


Add:No. 19, No. 5 Main Street, Xiasha Economic and Technological Development Zone, Hangzhou

Tuoke technology-Master the core technology of preprocessing

Create the first brand of high-end pre-filter!

Tuoke Technology is a technology-based company specializing in the development of pre-processing integrated systems. It is the only pre-processing authorized research and development center in China. The company has more than 10 years of research and development cooperation experience with many well-known companies at home and abroad. The senior team has mastered the core cutting-edge technology of the pre-processing system. Through uninterrupted independent research and development and international technical exchange and cooperation, the Tektronix technical team applies for dozens of invention patents every year, providing technical transformation for many domestic and foreign enterprises, especially in The pre-filter field has absolute technical leadership; it is an important research and development technology exchange center for the BESCON pre-filter.

Hangzhou Tuoke Environmental Technology Co., Ltd.

Add:9th Floor, Citizen Service Center, 211 Hang Qiao Road, Jianggan District, Hangzhou

Beishi Environmental——Pre-filter OEM / ODM base

Custom cooperation, quality traceability

The most professional pre-filter OEM/ODM production base in China, with complete pre-filter 100,000-level anti-fatigue test, blast test, salt spray test, anti-aging test laboratory, automatic gas inspection line, 16 The professional testing and testing equipment such as kilograms of pressure-maintaining water testing test line has an annual production capacity of 1 million units. Its self-developed quality closed-loop traceability integrated system can realize the quality of parts and the use status of products for many years, and the quality hidden dangers are always alert. Recruitment and other functions have created a precedent for pre-filters to be retrieved. The company has passed the ISO9001 management system certification and obtained wading approvals. With its advanced management methods and a team of filter production management experience 10 years ago, The customized ODM/ODM cooperation concept has made Beisi Environmental Protection become the first cooperation of many high-end pre-filters at home and abroad.

Haining Beishi Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.


Add:No. 109, Qichao Road, Lianhang Development Zone, Haining City