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2019 Shanghai International Water Exhibition: Best Enterprise, mastering pre-processing core technology

2019-11-22 11:13:53 BRISK Read

In 2019, the 12th Shanghai International Water Treatment Exhibition officially kicked off at the National Convention and Exhibition Center! Shanghai International Water Show is a super-large water treatment display platform on a global scale and an annual feast for the water treatment industry. It is reported that the exhibition area of this exhibition is as high as 250,000 square meters, more than 3,500 enterprises exhibiting, it is expected to attract more than 120,000 spectators to visit. In this exhibition, the company has brought unexpected surprises to the industry and visitors in this different exhibition.

In this exhibition, the scale of the exhibition hall of the company has reached 170 square meters, and the number of exhibitors has reached more than 40. The design style is atmospheric, and the oversized patent wall composed of more than 100 exquisite patent technology cards is very visually stunning. Set filters, scale inhibitor applications, water leakage protectors, floor heating protectors in four major blocks, all designs and products are clearly interpreting the corporate philosophy of the "home hot and cold water quality pretreatment system innovator" .During the exhibition, Best World has released the blue-green innovation strategy of the annual new product to the industry's scale-reducing application series, including water heaters, smart toilets, washing machines, shower heads, drinking platforms, ultrafiltration and other families. The excellent companion products for water equipment have attracted strong attention from exhibitors at home and abroad.

The company's current Shanghai Water Show has brought more than 100 pre-filter designs, including an innovative product display area to showcase the latest innovative pre-filter design products from the company. The exquisite shape and the fashion and creativity will definitely promote the industry innovation of pre-filter product design.

At the forefront of the exhibition hall is our intelligent water leakage protector demonstration area, which uses ultrasonic precision detection technology and wireless IoT technology to monitor the leakage of the protected household pipeline in an all-round way. The technical engineer demonstrates the leakage and explosion for the audience on the spot. In the virtual experiment of the tube, many viewers showed a strong interest in this product, and they consulted.

In this exhibition, the floor heating protection filter that Bishi Company unveiled was very dedicated in the display. In addition to the installation of the overall virtual sample of floor heating, it also cooperated with the three-dimensional promotional film and professional demonstration machine, so that the audience can clearly understand the product principle and Application installation knowledge.

The number of pre-processing innovative application products launched by Best World has been extremely high. Not only the style is exquisite but also the function is novel. Many exhibitors take out their mobile phone photo records. The company not only regards this exhibition as a product exhibition, but also brings the three-dimensional all-round demonstration to the visitors.

The three-day exhibition has come to a successful conclusion. The company will continue to shine and not forget the original heart, bring more and better innovative products to customers, and contribute to the progress of the industry.