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General Manager Cao Kaijun of Beishi Enterprise: Plug in functional filters and intelligent wings for pre-filters

2019-11-22 11:25:11 BRISK Read

On June 3-5, 2019, the Shanghai International Water Show kicked off at the Shanghai National Convention and Exhibition Center, and the water purification industry feast was officially opened.

The annual Shanghai International Water Show is an authoritative stage for companies in the water purification sector to compete on the same stage. It is also the vane for judging the latest trends in the industry. The “Heroes” of the industry have appeared in the market. While feeling the competitive pressure, enterprises are more motivated and continue to achieve new breakthroughs. At the exhibition site, the reporter of China Water Purifier Network had the honor to interview Mr. Cao Kaijun, the general manager of Zhejiang Best Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., the following is an interview record:


(General Manager of Zhejiang Beishi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. Cao Kaijun)

[Chinese Water Purifier Network]: In March of this year, the "Household and similar use-free pre-cleaning pre-filter" standard was issued. As the standard drafting leader unit, what efforts and dedications did the company pay?

[Bei Shi Enterprise Cao Kaijun]: The standard for household and similar use-free pre-washing pre-filters was formulated at the beginning of the development. Why should we develop such a standard? Considering that there are many manufacturers and brands of pre-filters in the country, the quality is not good enough, and the country does not have corresponding standards. As a result, consumers cannot determine which products are good in quality and which products are unqualified when selecting products.

Therefore, in order to bring a measurable standard to the whole industry, the company has combined many years of research and development experience to develop a variety of standards, and contribute to the industry as a whole. I hope that every company can refer to such a standard and produce. Products that better meet the needs of consumers.


Then in this standard, for several core processes in the industry, Double has put forward a very strong standard.

First of all, in the anti-freeze, explosion-proof technology, we put forward the requirements or standards for freezing. Second, in addition to anti-freeze and explosion-proof, we also put forward corresponding standards in anti-blocking, non-removable and washable; third, in intelligent and In terms of pressure control, the company has put forward corresponding standards, so that the entire industry has a standard that can be referenced.

[Chinese Water Purifier Network]: This year, the brand concept of Best World Enterprise is positioned as the initiator of the household hot and cold water equipment quality pretreatment system. What is the consideration?

[Bei Shi Enterprise Cao Kaijun]: In 2018, Beishi took the lead in the industry to propose a system concept for the pretreatment of household hot and cold water equipment. The so-called home hot and cold water quality pretreatment, it covers a lot of content. First of all, the first meaning is that the family has cold water, hot water, especially in the northern part of the country, it is for heating, and the pipeline needs regular sewage to ensure stable room temperature, so in hot water, it is necessary to have regular sewage. Features.

In terms of cold water, because there are more and more rust and sediment in the pipeline, if it is not regularly cleaned, there will be a lot of silt and rust flowing into thousands of households, water storage equipment for household washing machines, dishwashers, water heaters, etc. Injury. If cold water treatment is used, the whole family can be protected from these large particles, and the residual chlorine and scale removal can be achieved.

If the scale cannot be removed, the thermal efficiency will drop, and even the phenomenon that the heating tube bursts may occur, which wastes energy and creates safety hazards. Therefore, on the basis of solving the large particles of the main pipeline, the company has added the function of solving the cold water and hot water scale at the end.


[Chinese Water Purifier Network]: So, what is the strategic plan of Beishi Enterprise in the next three to five years?

[Bei Shi Enterprise Cao Kaijun]: In the next three to five years, one thing to do in the next generation is to let the pre-filter plug into the wings of the flying, the wings on one side are functionalized wings, which is mentioned above. Home hot and cold water quality pretreatment, we have to make the pre-filter more functional, such as removing residual chlorine, removing scale, and even possible beauty, or stronger functionality, in many ways we will have New technology introduction.

On the other hand, it is inserted with intelligent wings, allowing the pre-filter to perform human-computer interaction and remote control, so that it has a more functional and intelligent experience.

In my opinion, the human-machine experience is very important. A device at home requires users to interact with it often, to care about it, and slowly, it will provide you with better service. Next, the company will do a lot of intelligent improvement in traffic monitoring, water leakage protection, intelligent water quality monitoring and reminders. Even we will introduce the 5G concept led by Huawei to let the products speak for themselves and make it better serve consumers. This is what we will continue to do in the next three to five years.