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HC Water Purification and Trading Conference Double-generation MSAP scale-preventing materials and application cases are released

2019-11-22 11:27:01 BRISK Read

In recent years, with the escalation of consumer consumption and the gradual improvement of health awareness, the water purification industry has entered a period of rapid development. People are not satisfied with the purification needs of drinking water, and they want to have a purification plan for all aspects of household water. Therefore, it is inevitable that the focus of the market in 2019 and the future will shift to the whole house purification and related supporting programs.

On the afternoon of June 2, the 2019 China Health Environmental Appliances Purchase and Trading Conference hosted by HC Water Purification Network was held in Shanghai Baofeng United Hotel, dozens of well-known brands in the industry, and more than 300 dealers from all over the country. In Shanghai, we opened a professional procurement fair to revitalize the two net and environmental appliances industries.

慧聪净水采购交易大会 倍世MSAP阻垢材料及应用案例重磅发布

Best World Business Presentation

        2019 China Health Environment Electrical Appliances Purchasing and Trading Conference is another professional procurement platform established by HC Water Purification Network for the industry, accurately capturing market demand, integrating multi-category differentiated products, and creating a closed-loop purchasing transaction chain. This year's Sourcing Fair covers a wide range of products including household water purification, commercial water purification, water purification accessories, health appliances, smart homes, etc., providing dealers with a more comprehensive procurement plan to meet all procurement needs in one stop.

慧聪净水采购交易大会 倍世MSAP阻垢材料及应用案例重磅发布

Mr. Cao Kaijun, General Manager of Zhejiang Beishi Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. made a presentation

      Stronger, stronger and stronger, can create greater effects. Zhejiang Beishi Enterprise - the founder of the household cold and hot water equipment quality pretreatment system, the "home and similar use of the filter-free pre-filter" water purification industry group standard drafting team leader unit, by HC water purification The 500-person health appliance procurement and trading conference set up by the network has released the annual new product, MSAP scale-resisting material, to detonate the sensation of the Shanghai International Water Show in advance.

慧聪净水采购交易大会 倍世MSAP阻垢材料及应用案例重磅发布

Bioactive molecule sustained release scale inhibition technology

Say goodbye to the MSAP scale era!

As a comprehensive group of domestic professional pre-filter development, production and sales, Beste Enterprise has been focusing on pre-filters for more than ten years and has been promoting the global popularity of central water purification filters. New products and new technologies will never stop.

According to Mr. Cao Kaijun, General Manager of Zhejiang Best Environmental Technology Co., Ltd., MSAP scale-reducing technology is a scale-reducing technology developed by Beisi Enterprise United University and scientific research institutions after 5 years of research and development, using bioactive materials specially modified. material. MSAP is modified from bioactive materials by special process. It dissolves slowly after water, and produces a large number of weakly charged groups, which can be separated from copper ions, iron ions, calcium ions and other ions in the water, and carbonate ions. Anions such as bicarbonate ions and sulfate ions produce weak electrical interference effects, which can quickly inactivate the scale-forming factors in the water, and only a very small amount of MSAP can fundamentally eliminate the scale.

慧聪净水采购交易大会 倍世MSAP阻垢材料及应用案例重磅发布

Best World Products Show

Main features of MSAP materials:

Bioactive material

Food-grade security

Phosphorus free, environmentally friendly stable

Does not affect the scale inhibition efficiency under high pH and high temperature environment

Super scale inhibition

Under the standard hard water test conditions, the scale inhibition rate can reach more than 99%, and 2 tons of water can be filtered per gram.

Multiple forms

The unique tablet form can be widely used in various internal and external devices.

Efficient slow release technology

It can reach 0.23PPM in 0.3 seconds with water

48 hours slow release to saturation concentration

In the era of information Internet, people's outlook on life and consumption are undergoing subtle changes. In recent years, the per capita disposable income of Chinese residents has continued to grow, directly driving Chinese residents to pursue higher levels of consumption.

慧聪净水采购交易大会 倍世MSAP阻垢材料及应用案例重磅发布

Best World Products Show

In addition, with the continuous improvement of per capita income, the new middle class gradually expanded to the top of the pyramid and above the waist, becoming the main consumer, driving Chinese residents to pursue higher-level consumption and high-quality life. The MSAP scale-reducing material developed by Best has captured the consumption psychology of this part of the consumer group.

慧聪净水采购交易大会 倍世MSAP阻垢材料及应用案例重磅发布


MSAP scale inhibition material market application

As a new scale-reducing material, Best World has applied MSAP scale-reducing materials to household water-using scenarios such as bathing, laundry, coffee machines, dishwashers, fireplaces, smart toilets and other household water equipment. And a new positioning for different consumer groups. For example, the use of domestic water heaters, the core group is 30-40 years old, people who have certain requirements for quality of life, more willing to choose some practical products for themselves or their families to enhance the home experience. The MSAP scale-preventing material can indeed eliminate the scale of the water heater liner and increase the thermal efficiency by more than 20%, which is in line with their home experience.

慧聪净水采购交易大会 倍世MSAP阻垢材料及应用案例重磅发布

In the MSAP scale-preventing materials and equipment market application program, Beisi also proposed children's suits, women's suits, travel suits, family suits, luxury suits and so on. Mr. Cao Kaijun particularly emphasized that the advent of MSAP salt-free scale-inhibiting products not only reduces the huge cost of importing descaling chemicals, but also reduces environmental pollution from the source. For residents with hard water areas, solving the problems caused by hard water makes life more comfortable and healthier.

慧聪净水采购交易大会 倍世MSAP阻垢材料及应用案例重磅发布


In the view of Mr. Cao Kaijun, each household will have 5-6 wading equipment pretreatment devices in the future, forming a brand new blue ocean market.

In the future, Best Enterprises will also enter the commercial market from the civilian market, continue to develop commercial scale inhibition products, use pre-processing core technology to seize a broader market and contribute to China's purification technology.