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"Gather the whole house to purify the new blue sea with moisture" Beishi enterprises signed famous movie star ye xuan to speak for the industry

2019-11-22 11:32:08 BRISK Read

"Gather the whole house to purify the new blue sea with moisture"

Beishi enterprises signed famous movie star ye xuan to speak for the industry

With consumer upgrades, more and more intelligent wading electrical appliances into the family, more sophisticated wading electric equipment is becoming more and more high to the requirement of water quality, water demands for different people and equipment whole house with the concept of water quality purification will be the future trend in water treatment, on August 26, 2019, The Times has signed for the enterprises in hangzhou famous actress wai is the whole house water with water quality purification health idea promotion ambassador, wai on the ground and The Times the enterprise founder Mr Liu Xiaolin and anti-scaling group co-founder and Mr Cao to open the management team for the grand signing ceremony,

In the future, ye xuan will advocate the new concept of water quality purification for the whole house together with beishi enterprise, so that healthy water can be popularized to thousands of households.


Mr. Liu xiaolin, founder of beishi enterprise, signed the contract with Ye xuan


Mr. Liu xiaolin, founder of beishi enterprise, signed a contract with michelle Ye


Ye xuan took a group photo with Mr. Liu xiaolin, founder of the company, and Mr. Cao kaijun, co-founder of scale inhibition business division


Mr. Liu xiaolin introduced beishi enterprises and products to Ye xuan


Ye xuan took a group photo with beishi enterprise team


Ye xuan for The Times enterprise display pre - new products

Times the enterprise is the core master pretreatment technology of research and development, production, marketing an integrated group of companies, which owns 10 several preprocessing the whole industry chain ecological enterprise, use first, with more than 100 of the world's leading pretreatment filtering material, products such as the material and the application of the core patent technology, and based on the demand for the quality of the health and safety comfortable and wading equipment for water requirements, the development of domestic hot and cold water equipment whole house points for pretreatment system solutions, to become the global industry more than 300 well-known brands pretreatment materials, research and development, product and production services in the field of strategic partners,

With an annual production capacity of more than 3 million units, it is the global preferred enterprise of pretreatment technologies and devices.


Times the enterprise team focused on preprocessing materials technology and device for 15 years, the central front filter industry has invented the "integrated emission", "full effect pollution", "water backwash", "high pressure water jet washing", "intelligent and automatic water jet wash free" patent technology unpick and wash, and successfully developed and applied to the front filter device materials prevent freezing, crack, mesh anti-pollution, copper head of precious metals such as black science and technology, thoroughly solved the industry spot, 2018 times the enterprise become the household and similar purposes free mesh profiteer "unpick and wash water purification industry group of the standard unit of drafting team leader.

2018 times the company officially launched with the function of MSAP anti-scaling anti-scaling points for whole house end filter, including the anti-scaling partner anti-scaling partner water heater, washing machine, intelligent toilet anti-scaling anti-scaling partner partner, drinking water equipment and a series of new terminal device, the scale was the first to put forward the whole house family hot and cold water quality, and the pretreatment system solutions.


Ye xuan was born in hangzhou, zhejiang province on February 14.

In 1999, she won the champion of the 11th international miss Chinese contest and the most classic beauty award.

She rose to fame in 2002 as meng lijun in the costume drama destiny again.

In 2006, she was nominated for best new actor at the 25th Hong Kong film awards for her film "my heart knows".

Film and television productions include "friendship I know", "rebirth", "the number one in the world", "Athena goddess", "up to the clouds", "west chamber romance", "overheard 2", "overheard 3", "flying armour of dragon gate".

Ye xuan is not only an outstanding artist, but also an excellent student and charity ambassador. She became the "2019 Chinese cixiao cultural ambassador" to speak for "cixiao".


Times the enterprise hand wai, in addition to the wai has popularity, entertainment and artistic accomplishment, appreciate her more keen on education and charitable public welfare undertakings, and we will be together with wai advocated family whole house with the water quality purification new concept, is committed to promoting global family safe, health, water quality, healthy water reach home.