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Good luck! Set sail 2018!

2019-11-22 11:32:39 BRISK Read

Good luck 2018!

From now on, make a New Year's resolution

Goodbye to the past,

Strive for a new happy life!

As Mr Xi put it

"The new age is the age of strivers"

Only a life of struggle is called a life of happiness

For a happy life

In 2018, we will stay true to our original aspiration and forge ahead

Give yourself a more satisfactory answer!

BRISK wishes everyone

2018 business flourishing!

Life is flourishing!

Today, I got a new skill that can make everyone's heart beat with one sentence: happy working!

The festive spirit of Chinese New Year has yet to dissipate -- BRISK is ready to go.

Say goodbye to your big-meat family feast, BRISK goes back to work full of vigor;

Say goodbye to the natural wake up holiday, BRISK pursues her dream step and actively enters into work;

Bid farewell to poetry and distant travel, BRISK do not forget your initial desire to embark on the spring war battlefield!

New Year, new challenges.

BRISK is ready, ready and enthusiastic.

In the New Year, BRISK should be a soldier to defend more supporters, enable each partner to earn more money and walk towards the peak of life!

Every road has its end

The longest holiday has an end

The New Year has begun

The seeds of hope will grow

The time of struggle will bring full harvest

Maybe life is not good enough

Maybe there are still storms ahead

But don't worry

Fight for your dream

It's never too late!

Maybe there's a BRISK figure ahead

Accompany you and help you

To achieve the dream of success in the people

Every day pays for itself

One hundred and two qin guan will eventually belong to chu

Where there is a will, there is a way

Sleeping on brushwood and tasting gall, three thousand more armour can swallow wu

The new age

It is the age of strivers

Fight for thumb up

Salute to dreams