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  1. Standard:

    "Working water flow: 3m3/h
    Applicable pressure range: 0.1Mpa ~ 2Mpa
    Inlet and outlet diameter: 3/4 outer teeth 1 inch internal and external teeth
    Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C
    Applicable water quality: number of municipal tap water per box: 10 units/carton"
  2. Independent research and development patent number:

    Gold cylinder pressure control patent: ZL201520183047.8
  3. Retail price:430


★ The third generation patented gold cylinder long-term pressure control technology, subversive design, automatic voltage regulator within 4 kg of safety value, to ensure the safety of the back-end water;

★Two-way action cylinder pressure control principle, the pressure control range is larger and more precise;

★The pressure-control parts are made of brass forging, which is more than 10 times more durable than the traditional diaphragm type.

★ Can withstand 11 kilograms of 100,000 water hammer tests, and improve safety performance by more than 10 times;

★Double sealing and leakproof technology, more protection and safety upgrade;

★ Configure the pressure gauge, the water pressure is intuitively reflected, and the use is more assured.

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