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  1. Standard:

    Outlet flow: 8m3/h
    Filtration accuracy: 40μm
    Applicable pressure range: 0.15MPa~2MPa
    Inlet and outlet diameter: 32-40
    Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 100 ° C
    Applicable water quality: single-family heating water
    Quantity per case: 6 units/carton
  2. Independent research and development patent number:

  3. Retail price:


★ Built-in MSAP scale-preventing material and strong magnetic core can remove metal impurities and other residues in the heating system, remove scale, protect heating system and boiler, wall-hung boiler, air energy water heater, and extend its service life.

★ 32 and 40 diameter PPR adapters are installed, convenient and quick to install, Porsche luxury dust cover design, thick color, very rich texture,

★External luxury water temperature water pressure gauge, which visually displays the actual water temperature and water pressure of the pipeline, high-end atmosphere;

★The bottle body adopts 59-1 copper body and can be tested by NSF and SGS. It can withstand high temperature test at high temperature of 100 °C; the bursting pressure is more than 50 kg, and the water hammer is 11 kg more than 150,000 times; it exceeds the NSF pipeline standard;

Large-flux design, water flow per hour can reach 8 tons per hour