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  1. Standard:

    "Working water flow: 4m3/h
    Filtration accuracy: 40μm
    Applicable pressure range: 0.1MPa~1MPa
    Inlet and outlet diameter: 3/4 inside and outside teeth 1 inch inside and outside teeth
    Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C
    Applicable water quality: municipal tap water
    Quantity per case: 6 units/carton"
  2. Independent research and development patent number:

    Gold cylinder pressure control patent: ZL201520183047.8
    Integrated sewage treatment patent: ZL201520527250.0
  3. Retail price:2970


★ Luxury intelligent direct-screen touch control automatic sewage system, can set the discharge time and number of days arbitrarily, and realize the automatic nanny duty-type sewage discharge mode;

★ 360 degree universal installation, Porsche white luxury dust cover design, heavy color, very rich texture Optimus Prime series hard appearance, sturdy and sturdy, full of tension;

★External luxury pressure gauge, visually showing the actual water pressure, high-end atmosphere;

★The fifth generation of automatic hydraulic drive water purification backwashing technology + double-sided magic scraping technology upgrade, so that the scraping silicon strip is closer to the surface of the filter and the inner wall of the bottle, easy to reverse rotation and all-round sewage discharge, and the sewage is more thorough;

★The filter bottle adopts BSK formula + original imported material, does not contain bisphenol A, and is tested by NSF and SGS. After the modified formula of Besikang, it can withstand the freezing test of -30 °C; the bursting pressure is more than 60 kg, water hammer 12 kilograms and more than 150,000 times; exceeding the NSF pipeline standard;

★ The third generation of gold cylinder pressure control technology, the pressure control accuracy is higher, automatically control the tap water pressure within the normal 4 kg safety value, to ensure the back-end water safety.

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