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  1. Standard:

    "Working water flow: 6-8m3/h
    Filtering accuracy: 40μm Applicable pressure range: 0.1MPa~1Mpa
    Inlet and outlet diameter: 1 inch inside and outside teeth 1.2 inch inner and outer teeth 3/4 outer teeth
    Ambient temperature: 5 ° C ~ 40 ° C
    Applicable water quality: municipal tap water
    Number of boxes: 4 units/carton"
  2. Independent research and development patent number:

    Appearance patent number: ZL201530196400.X
    Golden cylinder pressure control patent: ZL201520183047.8
    Integrated sewage treatment patent: ZL201520527250.0
  3. Retail price:


★ Luxury intelligent direct-screen touch control automatic sewage system, can set the discharge time and number of days arbitrarily, and realize the automatic nanny duty-type sewage discharge mode;

★ The third generation patented gold cylinder long-term pressure control technology, subversive design, automatic voltage regulator within 4 kg of safety value, to ensure the safety of the back-end water;

★Two-way action cylinder pressure control principle, the pressure control range is larger and more precise;

★The pressure-control parts are made of brass forging, which is more than 10 times more durable than the traditional diaphragm type.

★The sixth generation patented semi-automatic recoil high pressure spray technology, built-in hydraulic drive automatic 360 degree spray system;

★ One-button backwash mode is automatically turned on and off. Through precise fluidics and mechanics design, the recoil mode is automatically opened by hydraulic and spring;

★The patented technology of double-sided magic scraping, the surface of the filter screen and the inner wall of the filter bottle can be strengthened according to the demand;

★ 8 tons per hour of oversized water to meet the needs of the family's system-wide large flow;

★Sewage time auxiliary recording disk, humanized design, highlighting professional;

★ Luxury dust cover design, built-in pressure gauge to display water pressure in real time, high-end atmosphere;

★The filter bottle adopts BSK formula + original imported material, does not contain bisphenol A, and is tested by NSF and SGS. After the modified formula of Besikang, it can withstand the freezing test of -30 °C; the bursting pressure is more than 60 kg, water hammer 12 kilograms and more than 150,000 times; exceeding the NSF pipeline standard;

★ 360 degree universal installation to meet more installation environment needs;

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