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T2-S1 integrated sewage

  1. Standard:

    进出水口径:3/4内外牙 1寸内外牙
  2. Independent research and development patent number:

    球阀外观专利: ZL201530196397.1
    集成排污专利: ZL201520527250.
  3. Retail price:1580


★ The third generation integrated sewage treatment patent technology, the most advanced sewage technology: the third generation of internal and external scraping technology, siphon technology, backwashing technology;

★The real no-cleaning technology, the scraping technology can thoroughly clean and descale the filter screen and the filter bottle surface. The siphoning and backwashing can thoroughly clean the inlaid impurities inside the mesh hole;

★PC filter bottle and SS316L stainless steel filter are made of imported materials using the modified formula of Bishcom, which can reach the pressure level of copper front, the bursting pressure is more than 50 kg, the water hammer is 11 kg more than 150,000 times; more than NSF pipeline Standard

★ 360-degree universal installation to meet more installation environment needs;

★ pressure gauge visually shows the water pressure;

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