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  1. Standard:

    Rated water flow rate: 16L/min
    Product net weight: 300g
    Applicable pressure range: 0.15Mpa-0.4Mpa
    Inlet and outlet diameter: 1/2 inner teeth 1/2 outer teeth
    Product size: 63 ×63×175mm
    Environmental temperature: 1°C~50°C
    Applicable water quality: municipal tap water
    Replacement cycle: 6-8 months
    Total net scale water volume: 20 tons
  2. Independent research and development patent number:

    Appearance patent number: ZL2018302018600
  3. Retail price:328


★Composite net dirt filter, high-efficiency scale inhibition, remove residual chlorine and heavy metals, deep purification, filter skin allergens, make water more smooth and increase bathing comfort experience.

★ 4 points inside and outside the wire joint, 10L / minute larger than the amount of water, to meet the amount of water for household bath;

★Auxiliary memory watchkeeping system, memory filter with change time;

★The filter element is more durable, the net scale water can reach 20 tons, and the replacement is convenient.

★ Built-in S316 stainless steel filter screen, effectively filtering out suspended solids and particulate impurities in water;

★The bottle body is made of ABS material, high temperature resistant material, no odor in hot water, safer to use;