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Scale inhibition type intelligent speed hot line machine

  1. Standard:

    Model: BRK-25GT11
    Rated flow: 20L/H (≥90°C)
    Rated power: 2200W
    Environmental humidity: ≤90%
    Ambient temperature: 5-38°C
    Influent Pressure: 0.1-0.4MPA
    Color: brushed gold, brushed silver
    Use water source: pure water
    Product size: 300x88x400mm
    Execution standard: GB4706.1-2005, GB4706.19-2008
  2. Independent research and development patent number:

  3. Retail price:980


★Silent king, no vibration, no noise

★LED white display design

★ Temperature memory, drinking water is more convenient

★ 3 seconds of hot, ready to drink

★Super anti-dry, anti-leakage, leak-proof

★ Solenoid valve controls water inlet, safe and reliable

★Child lock protection, parents peace of mind

★ Water temperature and water volume can be adjusted as needed, for your thoughts

★ tempered glass panel, no border surface design

★Touch operation, convenient and fast

★ Perfect match with drinking water purifier

★ Machine warranty: one year