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  1. Standard:

    Working principle: Activated carbon + softening resin
    Article number: T8-SH01
    Filter: Activated carbon activated carbon + softening resin
    Use position: Terminal water purification
    Efficacy: Direct drink
    Intelligent type: Does not support intelligence
    Rated water output: 3.5L/h
  2. Independent research and development patent number:

  3. Retail price:228


★ 4 layers of filtration, effectively filtering heavy metals, removing harmful substances, adsorbing odors, inhibiting scale, and retaining trace elements needed by the human body in water;

★The whole wading parts are made of baby food grade materials, which are safe and healthy;

★ Calculate the service life according to the actual amount of water filtration, and intelligently change the filter element;

★ 3.5L to increase capacity, meet the healthy drinking water needs of the whole family at one time;

★ Smooth body lines, compact design, easy to place and store;

★ No power supply, three-step installation, safe and worry-free.